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Air Transportation Service

To meet customer’s demand in the domestic and foreign markets, specializes in providing air transport services with the motto of prestige and quality, we always try our best to bring the best transport service to our customers quickly, effectively, reliably at the most competitive price in the current market.

                                                                      Air transport at the cheapest price


Two main types of air transport

+ Vietnam air transport: getting package goods from warehouse and transporting from this airline to another one.

+ International air transport: getting package freight from the warehouses then transporting from Vietnam airlines to the international airlines.

 - Delivery time: normally from 1 to 2 days for Asia countries, 2-3 days for the countries in Europe (very low cost)

- Delivery in the shortest time: only take 2-5 hours for Asian countries, in 24 hours for Europe countries.

 - Transporting dangerous goods, perishable goods, fresh and frozen goods, animals, cosmetics, luggage, high-value goods….in the shortest time as possible.

-  Goods delivery from Hanoi to Tan Son Nhat airline and vice versa (inland air transport).

Advantages/disadvantages of air transport:

- Low commodity freight fee, fast delivery in a short time, easy access, no physical barriers, guaranteed commodity quality (eg: frozen and fresh commodity ...) 

- Its carrying capacity is very small and hence it is not suitable to carry cheap and bulky goods..

- Air transport requires a large amount of capital investment about technical facilities and skilled personnel team.

Typical features of air transport

Air transport is the most recent mode of transport. This is is a form of travel in vehicles such as helicopters, hot air balloons, blimps, gliders...

- High speed: The speed of air transport is very fast. It is the fastest mode of transport and thus it is the most suitable mean for delivery of important good in the shortest time.  

- Air transport is safer than the other types of transport.

- Air transport always use high technology

- Air transport provides higher quality services compared to other means of transport

- Procedures and documents of air transport are more simple than the other means of transport.

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