About foreign currency, cash declaration with customs during the process of the entry or exit

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Currently, many cases of immigration (entry and exit) do not declare customs about rate of currency, cash which leads to many unfortunately things. Let's find out the rate of foreign currency and cash must be declared Customs during entry and exit in order not to be fined.

Customs Declaration 

                   khai bao hai quan ngoai te

When immigrating by passports or other documents with equivalent value, individuals need to declare them in the following cases:

  • Carrying 5,000USD or more or other types of currency of equivalent value.
  • Bringing 15,000,000 VND (fifteen million VND) or more.

The amount of foreign currency and cash as requested above does not apply to individuals carrying online means of payment, papers valuable in foreign currency or in Vietnamese dong such as bank cards, savings books, traveler's checks or other valuable papers.

According to the regulation, individuals going abroad and carrying more than 5,000USD in cash must declare to the Customs and provide for customs office with papers as stipulated in Article 3 of Circular No. 15/2011 / TT-NHNN as follows:

  • The written certification of the carrying of foreign currency abroad issued by credit institutions in compliance with the provisions of the State legislation on foreign exchange management.
  • Or the written approval of the State Bank of Vietnam for them to carry cash or foreign currency abroad.

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