Common difficulties when taking customs procedures of enterprises

Cập nhật: 31/7/2018 | 3:27:27 PM

Nowadays, goods export/import among countries in the world is growing strongly. But customs documents, taxes, customs procedures ... relating to the goods import/export is still a trouble for enterprises.

Difficulties on customs procedures

          nhung kho khan ve thu tuc hai quan

The enterprises will take a lot of time, there are many cases of loss of goods or incurring any costs not worth, even lead to the loss of business partners because of unprofessional competence.

Most domestic and international companies are reluctant to organize, operate and maintain an export and import department, but they usually use outsourced customs services for the following reasons:

  • Salary for staff and costs and the others attached are very costly and frequent.
  • The cost of fixed assets, stationery, tools ... are also very expensive
  • Still have to maintain the import/export department and fixed costs attached although there is no specialist skill in import-export
  • There is a lot of risk relating to professional knowledge because of unskilled or unprofessional staffs who do not update the policies in a timely manner.
  • Import-export department staffs often face to pressure in the workplace, they will became passive and difficult to overcome.
  • Employees do not have experience in taking customs clearance and do not know how to deal with the provisions of the law.

Because of the above reasons, enterprises now choose to use outsourced customs service rather than operating an export-import department for themselves.


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