Road transport


 Road cargo transport

  Vietnam is now in economic integration and development stage which is convenient condition for production businesses to import/export the goods. Cargo transport is always a necessary need for manufacturing, distribution the goods.

  In the rypes of transport, most businesses or individuals choose the transport type by road because this type is commonly used, active, convenient for short-haul cargo transport to many different terains.

  However, it has a little inconvenient because it can not carry a large number of cargo as sea transport.


Road transport services 

- Transporting industrial production items such as electronic equipments, footwear, packaging, consumer goods ...

- Transporting construction materials: iron, steel, cement, bricks, sand, gravel, building materials, furniture decoration ...

- Transporting food and agricultural products: rice, tubers, fresh fruits, fresh and frozen food...

- Transporting all other items, cargo with the fast shipment, cheap cost...


Why choose us!

  Cargo transport is daily vital needs of the businesses which appear commonly on the market today with so many transportation companies. This helps businesses have more opportunities to choose for their own enterprise one suitable transport unit as a companion with them in the long term.

  Besides,you should consider carefully about your demand before deciding to choose any transport unit especially about safety, transport speed and cost to your cargo...

  Do not worry about that, 24H transportation may help you. 24H company provides a skilled and trained employees team, with a safe work environment. Come to our company, you will be enthusiasticly consulted and your cargo will be guaranteed with safe and dependable services at the best price.

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